All About Altadena

About Altadena

Getting to Know Altadena

With the majestic San Gabriel Mountains as backdrop, Altadena’s tree-lined neighborhoods and commercial zones comprise one of oldest and most beautiful communities in the San Gabriel Valley.

The area is home to incredible architecture, boundless natural scenery, a distinct history, a diverse population, and an independent spirit. The town sits above Pasadena and shares its school district as well as a wide variety of incredible cultural resources.

Altadena has remained an unincorporated area within Los Angeles County since founding in 1887, and has a Town Council that is among the Fifth District’s most well developed. The Council’s 16 members are elected as an advisory body that communicates and coordinates residents’ needs with public agencies and to the Supervisor of the Fifth District, its official representative on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

I have lived in the wonderful community of Altadena for more than 20 years and I am proud to be the top selling real estate agent here for the last five years. As a resident and the Heritage Homes Director for my company, my goal is to be a resource and advocate for the picturesque city that we all love and call home.

Our office is the little cottage on the corner of Altadena Drive and Crest Drive, nestled in the foothills. We hope you’ll stop by and visit us or reach out with any needs you may have. Whether it’s a real estate question or a request for a good contractor reference, we are here to help.